Unify for Skubana

Integrate Skubana with QuickBooks or Xero so your high volume Amazon sales, accounting, and operations are always in sync.

Skubana QuickBooks Integration

Unify for Skubana syncs high-volume e-commerce sales from Amazon and FBA, as well as inventory data from Skubana into QuickBooks or Xero. Automating order data and fees into accounting, while keeping inventory counts up to date saves Skubana customers time and hassle so they can focus on accelerating the growth of their business. This robust and flexible solution allows sellers to set detailed sync settings to meet their specific business needs. Sell on any marketplace and platform, and Unify for Skubana will bring it all together so your bookkeeping is always timely and accurate. Remove data entry from your e-commerce operations with Unify for Skubana.

Skubana Accounting Automation

Accounting Automation

We ♥ QuickBooks so you don't have to

Let Unify for Skubana take care of your company’s bookkeeping. Automatically schedule and post online sales data from any channel or Skubana directly into QuickBooks or Xero with no manual data entry. Add a connection to your high-volume Amazon or eBay accounts and reconcile your accounting by recording all fees and expenses. With Unify for Skubana, your accounting is always up-to-date and accurate. See that? You don’t need to be a CPA after all.


Unify Skubana Inventory Sync

Inventory Sync

Simple product management for complicated e-tailers

Take inventory control and management to the next level by combining the power of Skubana with the detail and flexibility of Unify. Sync your Skubana purchase orders and sales to your accounting system to track inventory depletion while also staying on top of stock replenishment. Know that your inventory quantity and price are always in sync between Amazon, your shopping cart, Skubana, and your accounting system.


Skubana Multi-channel Selling

Multi-channel Selling

Conquer the world, one store at a time

Easily grow your business by experimenting with marketplaces like Amazon and any shopping cart. Connect your entire multi-channel business with Unify and Skubana to ensure your accounting is accurate, timely, and organized. Enjoy greater control of your financial data and profit margins, and have better perspective of your entire business.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What accounting systems are compatible with Unify for Skubana?

    QuickBooks Online, PC versions of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), and Xero.

  • How long does it really take to set up?

    The Unify connection and setup takes about 10 -15 minutes. After that, your sales will be downloaded and ready to be synced to QuickBooks or Xero.

  • Can Unify sync Skubana inventory to my accounting?

    Yes—Unify syncs all item quantities within Skubana inventory warehouses to QuickBooks or Xero.

  • How is Skubana inventory displayed in Unify?

    In Skubana, items have a location and a warehouse code. Unify will display the quantity of each item based on its warehouse location.

  • Is syncing Skubana and accounting inventory complicated?

    Not at all—Unify has a designated inventory section and clear instructions on how inventory is synced and where it is going.

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